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QUALIVRAC has chosen to work almost exclusively with French producers.

The rare exceptions are for products which cannot be found in France in large quantities, such as orange juice for example.

QUALIVRAC supports French producers and chooses to be completely transparent about the identity of its partners.

– Artisan’s secret –

Expertly crafted and 100% French made

QUALIVRAC boxes are manufactured by a French family SME, Menuiseries Lefebvre, whose production sites are located in the North of France and Normandy.

– More than partners –

Discover all our local French producers

Qualivrac is completely transparent and promotes its producers!


Production of food bulk by French farmers:
Si Bio fruit juice, a Roussillon SME born from the grouping of four organic fruit growers.
Juliet Fruit Juice, apple juice produced by the association “Les Amis de Juliet” which brings together 130 French farmers. Juliet is the only apple variety in the world produced exclusively organically.
• wine from the Cave Coopérative des Vignerons de Tornac, located in the Cévennes, which produces organic red and rosé wines on more than 200 hectares.
• vegetable oil from rapeseed and sunflower, produced by farmers in southwestern France…

Hygiene & cosmetics

QUALIVRAC hygiene products are manufactured by Laboratoires Paris Dôme, an SME located in Eure-et-Loir.


QUALIVRAC house care products come from 2 French companies:
Brunel (North)
Cellande (Bourgogne).

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