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– Our mission –

Develop and supply low-tech, reliable, sustainable and economical solutions for the distribution of bulk liquids.


QUALIVRAC delivers technical solutions to meet the most essential consumption needs on a long-term basis, solutions using as little energy as possible for their design and use, consuming as few resources as possible, having as few costs as possible for the community and for the biosphere, generating as little waste as possible during and at the end of the life-cycle, even ideally no waste according to the principle of the circular economy.

– Our story –

How Qualivrac was born

Matthieu, the founder of Qualivrac was born in a small village in Flanders, in the North of France. His parents and grandparents were all farmers: vegetable and flax producers.

From this link with the land, a deep respect for those who work it was born, as well as a respect for life and living as a fundamental value.

Man should live his life without leaving a trace, without generating any waste, just as nature does this in a continuous cycle from earth to earth.

Matthieu went as far as working through the night to develop the solution that effectively distributes all kinds of liquids from a crate and a few planks of wood.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi

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