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Discover our ecological concept for bulk liquid distribution

Qualivrac furniture consists of cases which hold vertical pouch units. These cases are delivered assembled.
The store simply stacks the cases to make up distribution columns.

Our cases are mostly made of beech wood. This wood is an excellent construction material, renewable and lasting, with an extremely low carbon footprint.

Vr’acteur / BIB Pouch 10L

Our first model is a case with two vertical units. Each unit can hold a pouch containing 10L or less.

Empty cases can be placed at the top and bottom of the columns to hold empty bottles for customers to use.

The compact setup makes it possible to display a column with 6 units (6×10 litres) and a storage case for bottles with a width of 43,5cm and height of 162cm.

– Label –

We are committed to sustainability

Qualivrac furniture units are made in the North of France as well as in Normandy.
They are made from beech wood sustainably managed and labelled PEFC (manufacturer’s license 10-31-692)*

* PEFC certifies sustainable forest management in more than 51 countries around the world.
For more than 20 years, PEFC France has sought a balance in the environmental, societal and economic dimensions of forest management
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Because bulk consumption imposes new rules

Qualivrac is an active member of Réseau Vrac * and provides you with real expertise in bulk sales.

*Réseau Vrac is the only professional organization dedicated to the promotion of bulk in France. Réseau Vrac brings together and supports more than 1,300 industry professionals, distributors, producers, suppliers and projects in France and around the world.

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