QUALIVRAC: simple liquid bulk,
efficient & profitable

Discover our ideal solution
for your stores and participate in waste reduction.

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– The concept –

Discover our low-tech solution for waste-reduction.  How does it work?

QUALIVRAC has developed a in-store display-dispenser, made in France, which allows for the distribution of all liquid products in bulk. Liquid products that we also offer in our catalog. This simple and efficient system has a very pleasing aesthetic, works without electricity or electronics. It is very easy to use for store staff and consumers alike and never breaks down.

– Advantages –

Because we put our values to serve you

Low-tech solution

No electricity required
Does not break down or require maintenance.

A mobile solution

Made of simple blocks which are stacked in columns which
can be set up anywhere in-store.

Easy to use

Liquid bag-in-box style pouches are easy and quick to install and change.

Made in France

Our high quality dispensers are made in the North of France.


Made from sustainably grown beech wood.

– Our products –

Solutions for different types of products


QUALIVRAC offers a wide range of liquid food products: oils, vinegars, wines, fruit juices, etc… most of them are organic and labeled. Other products are being studied, such as syrups, compotes, jams, spreads, yoghurts, etc.

Hygiene and cosmetics

We also offer many products such as soaps, shampoo, moisturizers and body oils, sanitizing gel, etc.

Cleaning products

Our catalogue also offers essential products for the home: washing liquid, black soap, Marseille soap, window cleaner, dishwashing liquid, etc.

All these products are made in France

– Our producers –

Qualivrac places the French producers at the centre of its concept

We work exclusively with French SMB’s, from all parts of the country, who we selected for their know-how and the quality of their products.
Qualivrac openly communicates about its suppliers and as often as possible giving them the credit they deserve!

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